Jest Mock: mock external file/lib method in test cases

This particular article is my solution to try and mock a particular external method (using jest mock method) in the test case for a simple example app. Hope this article saves time for a lot of fellow devs in the community!

Unit testing React functional component with jest and Enzyme

In my current company I am unit testing React components using jest and enzyme. While testing one of the functional components I came across a problem which needed a good solution/explanation and after some research on it I think I found the right way to do it and I wanted to share it with the community

Customize Alert Message: Show dynamic message in ionic 3/4 alert component

In one of my client’s projects, there was a situation where I wanted to update the alert message after a certain event but I was not aware of how to do it as it was not mentioned in the official ionic docs.

Password strength indicator: Develop component to show the user how strong is the password in React js

When the user enters the password, he/she should be able to see a bar which shows indicates the strength of the password entered in the field. Red color means it’s a weak password, Orange color means the password has medium strength and Green color means the password is strong enough!

Open Documents in ionic 4 app : step by step Integration guide

So you have a remote url of a PDF file which is being shown in your page content. When the user clicks on it, by normal behaviour it will try to open up in an external browser or an in-app browser (if you have one integrated in your app). What we want is that, when user clicks on the link, it will download the file in background and open the file swiftly in the device’s default pdf reader.