Jest Mock: mock external file/lib method in test cases

This particular article is my solution to try and mock a particular external method (using jest mock method) in the test case for a simple example app. Hope this article saves time for a lot of fellow devs in the community!

Unit testing React functional component with jest and Enzyme

In my current company I am unit testing React components using jest and enzyme. While testing one of the functional components I came across a problem which needed a good solution/explanation and after some research on it I think I found the right way to do it and I wanted to share it with the community

Customize Alert Message: Show dynamic message in ionic 3/4 alert component

In one of my client’s projects, there was a situation where I wanted to update the alert message after a certain event but I was not aware of how to do it as it was not mentioned in the official ionic docs.

KeyboardAvoidingView: Fix in React Native (expo)

The native keyboard is overlapping the input fields and the user won’t be able to see what he/she is typing. In order to resolve this issue, React Native has provided the KeyboardAvoidingView component in which the whole screen UI is wrapped. Unfortunately, when I implemented it, It was not working as expected but I did manage to find the workaround.

Password strength indicator: Develop component to show the user how strong is the password in React js

When the user enters the password, he/she should be able to see a bar which shows indicates the strength of the password entered in the field. Red color means it’s a weak password, Orange color means the password has medium strength and Green color means the password is strong enough!